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Online Resources about Thoreau and Walden Pond

The Walden Woods Project
Main site of The Walden Woods Project Thoreau Institute

Thoreau Institute/Walden Woods Project: Thoreau Quotations
Browse quotations from Thoreau by category, including quotes on nature and conservation.

Thoreau Institute/Walden Woods Project: Thoreau’s Life and Writings Online
Online writings from Thoreau, covering all his major books and essays in addition to the complete, 2 million word journal. Browse materials online or download documents as PDF files.

Walden Woods Project: Selected Teacher Created Lessons
Sample curriculum units on Thoreau, Walden, or the environment from participants in Approaching Walden, a seminar from the Walden Woods Project

NPR: Thoreau’s Walden – Present at the Creation
National Public Radio presents a short biography of Thoreau and an overview of his experiment at Walden Pond. Audio and transcript are available.

WBUR Here and Now: A Walk in Walden Woods with E.O. Wilson (Real Media Audio)
As he walks in Walden Woods, acclaimed biologist, conservationist, and author E.O. Wilson discusses his recent book The Creation and the need for everyone to come together to take environmental action in the future.

The Thoreau Society
The Thoreau Society, founded in 1941, is the oldest organization dedicated to Thoreau. Visit the website to find out about preservation activities, opportunities for students, and essays on Walden from 11 different countries.

Concord Museum: Thoreau Collection
The museum of Thoreau’s native Concord presents information and photographs of artifacts plus links to learn more about the town.

Botanical Index to the Journal of Henry David Thoreau
Provides the scientific name as well as the common name for plants referenced in Thoreau’s journal. As the European Thoreau Website notes, it may a useful resource for translating into other languages.

NYTimes: Thoreau is Redicsovered as a Climatologist
Describes a study by Harvard and Boston University biologists that used Thoreau's journal to study environmental changes in New England.

Poetry on Thoreau
Page of poetry inspired by Thoreau; includes pieces by Emerson, Yeats, and Louisa and Bronson Alcott.

Recommended Editions of Walden

Walden. Edited by Jeffrey C. Cramer, published by Yale University Press
Cramer’s extensive annotations serve like a miniature encyclopedia of Thoreau on the margins of Walden. Book purchase information can be found at
150th Anniversary Edition of Walden with photography by Scot Miller
Beautiful photographs of Walden Pond and its surroundings fill the pages of this 150th anniversary edition published by Houghton Mifflin. Book purchase information can be found at

Houghton Mifflin 1906 edition, available online or PDF download from the Thoreau Institute

Books about Thoreau

The Days of Henry Thoreau by Walter Harding
Leading Thoreau expert Walter Harding’s The Days of Henry Thoreau, first published in 1966, is considered by many the essential biography of Henry David Thoreau. More information from
People of Concord by Paul Brooks
Brooks introduces the prominent townspeople of Concord in the year 1846, giving a vivid and human picture of Thoreau, Emerson, the Alcotts, Hawthorne, and outstanding women such as Margaret Fuller and Elizabeth Peabody. The book is written in short, simple chapters which can stand on their own or as part of the whole. Book purchase information can be found through Fulcram Books:
Heaven is Under Our Feet edited by Don Henley and Dave Marsh
Musicians, actors, writers, politicians, and environmentalists unite to contribute essays on the importance of Thoreau and Walden Woods. Book purchase information can be found through the Shop at Walden Pond online store:
An Observant Eye: The Thoreau Collection at the Concord Museum
The curator’s book contains large, color photographs from the exhibit accompanied by text discussion of the Thoreau Collection. Book purchase information can be found through the Concord Museum shop:
The Spirit of Thoreau, Series from Mariner Books
Volumes include: Thoreau on Water; On Education; On Science; On Land; On Mountains (drawn from his journal, various editors). To discover more information or purchase go through
A Yearning Toward Wildness, Compiled by Tom Homan
A compilation of quotes from Thoreau’s various experiences with the outdoors and conservation. For more information or to purchase go through


Life with Principle: Thoreau's Voice in Our Time
The Thoreau Society presents an interactive educational DVD which explores Thoreau’s philosophy and how his ideas continue to influence Americans today. Includes classroom activities correlated to standards. For more information or to order the DVD, visit