People who Walk the Talk

Meet people who give their environmental ethic a huge amount of thought, and who put their beliefs and words into action every day. You'll also find answers each expert gave in response to questions sent in by students.

Ed Begley, Jr.
Ed Begley, Jr. is the greenest guy in Hollywood. In addition to his successful acting career, Ed works full time living the environmentally conscientious life. His home is a marvel of innovative gadgets, and his lifestyle is one to be admired and imitated.
Majora Carter
Majora Carter is working to clean up and green her neighborhood within New York City. As the founder of the local environmental organization Sustainable South Bronx, Carter has worked on projects ranging from organizing protests of toxic dumping to installing a green roof on the organization's office building. Her innovative solutions to urban environmental problems provide a model for other cities around the world.
Bill McKibben
Bill McKibben is the author of many critically acclaimed books on the environment. He is also a leader in promoting environmental awareness and political action. In 2007, McKibben founded Step It Up, an organization that helped rally people around the country to call for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions on a National Day of Climate Action. He's currently involved in, a campaign to limit carbon emissions.
Jeffrey Cramer
Jeff Cramer is Curator of the library at the Thoreau Institute, and expert on all things Thoreau. To get an idea of the depth of his knowledge, all you need to do is glance through a few pages of the fully annotated edition of Walden he edited.


More People to Inspire You
  • Actress Cameron Diaz has travelled around the world to learn about environmental issues. Now she is criss-crossing the U.S. to find out what it would take to get everyday average people engaged in environmental action. Read this recent Marie Claire magazine article to learn Diaz' latest project.
  • Academy Award-winning Japenese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki fills his anime movies - like Spirited Away, Princess Monoke, and Ponyo - with natural elements and regularly explores themes like our relationship to nature and technology, Earth's fragility, and our impact on the enivironment. Read more aboout Miyazaki in this Japan Times article.
  • For more than 20 years, entrepreneur and environmentalist Paul Hawken has worked to change the relationship between business and the environment. Learn more about Hawken on his website and read his commencement address (pdf) to the  University of Portland Class of 2009.
  • 26-year old graduate student Elizabeth Turnbull is living in a tiny portable "green" house she built instead of renting an apartment. Why? Find out more.

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