More about the Walden Youth Leadership Events

Walden Youth Gatherings are a great way to meet other students around the world who are passionate about the environment. Just check out the video and scenes from past events to see what we mean.

More Scenes from Past Years
Gathering in the main entrance Walking to Walden Learning about Thoreau
Gathering Walking to Walden Summit students by Thoreau cabin replica
 Down by Walden Thoreau's cairn Lunch time
 Down by Walden Pond Thoreau Lunch time
Late night Skype call with Kenya Kenyan students talk about water catchment project New Zealand students
Skype call with Kenyan students Kenya students talk about water Students in New Zealand
Settling in at the hostel A little down time Singer Erica Wheeler gets to the heart of things
At the Friendly Crossways hostel A little down time at the hostel Erica Wheeler reflection workshop
New Zealand team brainstorms ways to challenge people to care for their "Waldens" Haiti team works on their Challenge video Costa Rican team presents their Challenge idea
New Zealand team brainstorms Haiti team making video Costa Rica team presents Challenge idea
Relaxing on the hill Closing ceremony Walden Youth Leaders - 2010 Group
Relaxing on the hill Closing ceremony 2010 Walden Youth Leaders