Our deepest thanks to the many people who have helped develop the World Wide Waldens program and website.

The Walden Woods Project
Don Henley, Founder and Chairman of the Board
Kathi Anderson, Executive Director
Susan Frey, Director of Education
Bess Sturges, Education Intern
Walden Woods Project staff: Matt Burne, Christine Conner, Jeffrey Cramer, Bisola Falola, Kimberly Madison

Special Acknowledgements: Jackie Conciatore, Laura Goldin, Betsy Griffin, Nora Priest, Bill Schecter, and Henry David Thoreau

Ask an Expert
Ed Begley, Jr.; Bill McKibben; Majora Carter; and Jeffrey Cramer 

Original World Wide Waldens Pilot Groups
Joyce Bailey, Global Ecology Program at Poolesville High School, Poolesville, Maryland, United States; Karla Green, Thoreau School, Vienna, Virginia, United States; Beth Harding, Forest Grove Middle School, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States; Charmaine Haroon and Maureen Noshahi, Resource Academia, Lahore, Pakistan; Raphaela Levy-Moore and Kenneth Danford, NorthStar: Self-Directed Learning for Teens, Hadley, Massachusetts, United States; Bruce Peacock, Badger High School, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, United States; Michael Troy Shell, Walden School, Louisville, Kentucky, United States; Matthew Spence, Providence Day School, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States; Casey Townsend, Thomas Jefferson School, Concepcion, Chile.

Meet Henry Image Credits
First light in Walden Woods (Photo) - Scot Miller, Walden*; Aeral view of Walden Pond with Thoreau's Cove and Wyman Meadow in foreground (Photo) - Scot Miller, Walden*; Yellow pond-lilies, Fairyland Pond (Photo) - Scot Miller, Walden*; Bolete mushroom and moss (Photo) - Scot Miller, Walden*; Thoreau's tombstone at Author's Ridge, Concord (Photo) - Scot Miller, Walden*; Brilliant fall morning, Walden Pond (Photo) - Scot Miller, Walden*

Project Showcase
All images belong to the students and teachers who created their project webpages

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*Scot Miller, Walden: 150th Anniversary Illustrated Edition of the American Classic; sales benefit the Walden Woods Project