World Wide Walden Activities & Opportunities

In your community or wherever you are in the world, there are plenty of great ways students and teachers can participate in World Wide Waldens - once or in as many ways as you like.

Get to Know Thoreau

Teacher. Pencil innovator. Social reformer, naturalist and inspired writer. Learn about the many sides of Henry David Thoreau.

Where's Your Walden?

Is there a place in nature that inspires you? Tell us about it and share a picture on our Facebook wall.

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Live Deliberately Essay Contest

“I went to the woods to live deliberately…” Participate in our annual opportunity for students to write about what their own deliberate life looks and feels like. 


Student Gatherings

Opportunities by the shores of Walden and via Skype for environmentally-minded students around the world to learn about and inspire each other.

  • Student Summits and Symposia--please contact us for more information!
  • Skype Calls

Explore Your Environmental Ethic

An experiment on living simply. Your earliest memories of nature. Art with and for nature. 10 engaging activities for classroom or club use!

Teacher Support

Visit our Education page to learn about lectures, workshops and seminars including the popular Approaching Walden summer seminar and Environmental Ethic & Action Workshop.

Visit Walden

Tours and educational programs for groups of all ages. Visit the Explore area of the main Walden Woods Project site to learn more. Or, contact us to connect for a Skype "visit".